Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue

The Fell and Dale Club have designated the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue our nominated charity and in May 2019 members visited visited their headquarters in Grassington to present a cheque for £500 of monies raised at club events. 

UWFRA photo presentation.JPG

UWFRA came into existence in1948. The background is on their website http://www.uwfra.org.uk/index.php  This also gives short descriptions of some of their rescues. There is also a Facebook page (see their website)

Everyone in UFWRA is an unpaid volunteer. They are available 24/7.  365 days a year. Several callouts a week are the norm. They have to have a high level of first aid expertise as they may be first on scene and know nothing about the persons medical history so need to look out for potential issues related to diabetes, heart conditions, asthma on top of any injuries from the specific incident. The team also supports other relief/rescue work due to non-mountain incidents ie flooding as in York recently. They cover caving as well as mountain rescues. There is a rescue dog (part of the Mountain Rescue Dogs) attached to the group.

Based in Grassington they have two ambulances (one a legacy donation) and two Land Rovers. Other equipment includes the expected ropes, hoists etc – all of which need replacing on a regularly every few years (excepting metal gear) plus radio equipment. Caver rescuers have their own gear.


The advice from MR if something goes wrong is:


First make a note of all relevant details:

  • Location (grid reference if possible)

  • Name, sex and age of any casualty

  • Nature of injuries or emergency

  • Number of people on party

  • Number of your mobile phone

Dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Police and then Mountain Rescue


  • Make sure you tell the operator you require the Police

  • Give all your prepared details

  • Do NOT change your position until contacted by the rescue team

  • If you have to make a further 999 call use ALL the above procedure again


New – a 999 text messaging service for the hard of hearing and/or speech impaired. Text where you are and why you need help to
07786 208999

They also told us about an app called What3Words. If you have a phone signal this app gives you 3 unconnected words that relate to your location. When you tell the police or rescues team these words they can identify your position to the nearest 2m (it is claimed). Debs is now the guru on this if you want to find out more.